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Hell Holes is a competitive fantasy golf dice game for 1-6 players. As one of the damned souls, your only chance to escape Golf Hell is to win in the golf tournament! Each of the 9 circles of hell has unique features that change the game.


golf balls i love balls and golf


Funny and goofy way to pass some time. Recommend that every player use their own calculator.

Some minor notes: 

  • Circle 5 has no zone between 221-250. I considered this Obsidian Fairway.
  • There is no way to hit between 40-60 yards, so landing in the Molten Caldera in Circle 6 at 390 is doubly punishing. A 3 Iron that gives 30 or 40 yards would solves this and a few other situations where a mid-distance swing is wanted.
  • Putting theoretically requires hitting the precise number? We decided that putts went in as long as they rolled the minimum yardage.

The  punishment is part of the experience, of course.


Actually it seems putting is nicer than that, because it says 1d10 feet,  and then on page 4 it says "If you’re putting, and your Distance is not a round number of yards, you can round it however you want. (You can round 140.1 up or 140.9 down if you want. It’s fine.)

Google tells me 1 yard = 3 feet, so that suggests that you have a zone of 2 feet to either side where you're allowed to "round into the hole". Still at best a 50/50 in that case though!


Heya! Played this on a date, it was great fun. The only problem was I, a person who knows nothing about golf, did not know what the par number did. But we had much laughter and decided the caddy lost the score cards to sabotage one character bc it wanted to date them.


Awesome!  Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad you had fun with it :)

Par as a golf concept doesn't really matter for gameplay, unless you're playing solo, so it's fine to ignore!  It just means that the course creator expected it to take about that many strokes to get in the hole.  For solo play, since there's no one else to try to get lower than, the goal is to get a total score lower than the sum of par on all 9 holes; but with more than one player, it's not really used.