Playtest 0.2 Update

Version 0.2 is now live!  You can grab it attached to this post or from the main downloads page.

Playtest version 0.2 contains the following changes:

-More feats, spells, attack and defensive techniques added.
-All classes now fully playable, though Runesinger still has placeholder names for multiple features.
-Rituals all have at least placeholder definitions.
-More information about creating Nightmares.
-Optional Wealth system, if you don’t want to track money.
-Framework laid in place for systemic running and evolving of Nightmares as the campaign progresses.
-Quick system for creating weapons.
-Minor phrasing and editing changes.

The Wealth system and the Nightmare evolution systems are the most exciting changes in this update.  The Wealth system lets you seamlessly avoid needing to track money, but still be restricted in what you can purchase.  Sometimes shops will be out of stock when you want to buy something, even if you could afford it.  The Nightmare evolution system, when finished, will allow GMs to easily run an episodic game where the party roams around cleansing Nightmares, and have the world continue to progress all around the characters while giving characters enough information to make informed decisions about where best to go next.  Depending on campaign style modifiers, it may be possible to cleanse them fast enough to keep the world stable; or it might get worse faster than you can make it better, despite your best efforts.  Or you can put it in the middle and let the dice decide.


Against the Fall of Night Playtest 0.2.pdf 1,022 kB
Mar 27, 2022

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